About Dr.Balram Kumavat

M.D.S Periodontolgy & Implantology

M.D.S Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.


Born in very poor family of Masion and learned upto Double Masters in Dental Faculty to eradicate the oral and dental needs of people below poverty , an education is the only alternative & hence all educational achievements have been accepted as a challenge through out the life.It is proud to say that M.D.S Periodontology & Implantology , M.D.S Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgery was the great achievement by Dr. Balram Kumavat since he is the only candidate in Maharashtra who is having double M.D.S in these two branches.After completing the successful education his eternal heart allowed him to work for needy & disadvantaged group. To work with the constructive views by utilizing his medical and dental knowledge he has setup an charitable institute Named "Public Health Guard India" under the health activities related to the oral cavity the first project of dental hospital and Research centre was established in the year Janaury 2001 by the hands of Late Dada Teckchand Mirpuri where about 4000-4500 patients are being treated per year


The medical knowledge particularly of Periodontist & Implantology as well as Oral & Maxillo Facial allowed me to do research oriented acivities on oral cancer where I found that 60% to 65% of people are suffering from oral cancer due to tobacco, liquor & other(sharp object like broken tooth, ill fitting dentures, hot & spicy beverages) related products . I have initiated through my institution general awareness camps along with treatment every year since 2001 on average 12 to 15 camps were conducted in the region of Thane district - Ulhasnagar,Badlapur,Ambarnath,Murbad,Shahapur,Kudus,Shenva,Dolkham,Hajimalang,Karjat, Kasara and all remote areas where it is impossible to render the health services to the needy is performed in such seminar with oral check up camps every year since 2001. It is with proud to write that the member who attended the camp themselves came forward by taking the oath in general public by setting tobacco products in the fire. To Spread this message particularly of prevention of drugs gave me higher chances to work with various institutions. It gives me immense pleasure to work for the maxillo facial disorders particularly facial fractures and oral cancers of urban and rural areas and research oriented work in dental implantology for the urban people.

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